You have chosen the expert to create your perfect magnetic video and photos to brand you. The next question is, how to use these branded videos and photos to magnify your presence online?

How can you use great photos and videos to attract more clients, lead more key people of influence on your list who purchase more from you? Or simply how will you market yourself or brand using this new branding videos and photos?

Like what I’ve mentioned in my previous articles, today we are in the connection economy crafting a personal brand with  emotional marketing. Each and every branding photo + video  should tell a story. It’s vital an emotion is felt and not through a simple headshot or a simple macro photo of the product or even a video that falls short of your authentic connection.

Here are the tips on how to magnify your brand using branded videos and photos:

  1. Granting that the right photo has been shot, Use it or post it across all of your online accounts, like social media. A well-crafted video or photo doesn’t have to be further explained, but can be easily understood with just a glimpse of an eye.
  2. Get more social media followers, fans and likes by prioritising the social networks where your fans are likely to be like. Different industries or businesses are creating social media accounts everywhere, but as time goes by you will notice where your loyal fans or target markets are. Post more updates in that account. Focus on the networks where you target buyers spend time. Prioritise the social network that matters. Take time to research your buyer’s persona so you can find out where they hang out in social media or even at offline events 
  3. Optimise all your social profiles. Optimising your social profiles includes the following:- identifiable username; uploading a recognizable and compelling branding image keeping away from that “beige” headshot; include clear and concise descriptions or short stories; or a unified cover photo across all accounts.
  4. Promote your social presence everywhere. Choose your post carefully and it should showcase your expertise.
  5. Share useful, valuable content in your industry. Master the 80/20 rule. 80% useful content for your industry and 20% personal or other posts.
  6. Keep your followers or fans engaged. Feed them the content that they love more. Encourage them to contact you or communicate with you and express their feelings in your social media platforms. Make sure you have a hands on social media manager check your messages and acknowledge their comments and concerns.

The most powerful way of marketing is WORD OF MOUTH. And even if we already have technologies and apps for marketing, word of mouth remains powerful since social media and internet marketing keeps it personal. The responses of your brands video and photography remains personal even with technology. It is therefore important that your video and photography branding should be done correctly in the first try. Work with an experienced  and seasoned photographer, videographer and strategist who does niche in this area of excellence

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Written by Zahrina Robertson
Creating the Magnetic Brands of Tomorrow
Leading International Personal Brand Photographer +Videographer, Author, Speaker

Zahrina Robertson