All business people need to find an effective strategy to reach the right prospects with the right message at the right time. Even then it’s a numbers game. No strategy will convert 100% all the time. Some prospects will always want more information, others more time, others will not like the information supplied in the first instance and still others perhaps just don’t like your approach.

At BIH, we help women market themselves and their businesses through many channels. Over time, we’ve noticed that now is one of the more effective times to connect with potential clients. Along with annual new beginnings comes a sense of re-evaluation and the setting of new directions if old ways have proven unproductive.

Many businesses are perfectly geared for face-to-face networking to yield results. These often include businesses in the financial sector, real estate or allied health since a high degree of trust is required before most people will show a service provider their bank balance or disrobe in front of them for a massage. Even that doesn’t take into account the two different personality types that exist for trust – 
• those who trust you until… and 
• those who don’t trust you until…

Still other businesses need a wider funnel to attract sufficient prospects to be viable. These may be photographers, graphic designers, website developers and, dare I say, owners of a networking organisation! The level of trust required here is substantially less as you can leave your clothes on and keep your bank balance to yourselves! For these, social media blog posts to targeted groups often yield great results.

So consider your business. Is it better suited to the first group or the second? If the first, keep attending events and practice the tips always front and centre in our blogs. If the second, look at the online groups you’re already part of and see if they offer a way to connect with your target market. Look for big audiences of the people most likely to buy your product. Then, have fun with your message!

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