Numerous business in a start-up stage usually look to “save” money by cutting corners on branding, marketing and advertising. It may work in the beginning, then the business will hit a growth stage.

At this point, if things are not right, it will be unbelievably pricey to redesign. You need to start from scratch with brand awareness campaigns, PR campaigns, rebrand every piece of collateral (online and offline), and reprint everything. As well as rebuild the familiarity and trust that clients/customers previously felt. We have to address the intangible brand value, otherwise there is no guarantee your rebrand will do well.

So why change? Well, if your brand doesn’t represent you correctly, then you may never grow in business.

Features of a solid professional brand:

– Able to grow as the business grows
– Is unique enough to create recognition as well as a connection with your audience
– It will boost your market share through your advertising and marketing
– Grows without pushing away your existing ideal clients/customers
– Plainly communicates brand represents

Features of a struggling brand:

– Everything looks disconnected, as if too many people where involved
– Looks like clip art or from a stock image library
– Look fake and untrustworthy
– Don’t actually look like you are in business
– Getting leads from people outside of your target audience

This is a hurdle, however it is one we understand well.

Think large!

Global brand act as a motivation for any type of business aiming to grow their organisation. These global brands continually show us the importance of creating an understanding and building recognition amongst the target audience for their product or service. Without the help of a Branding Specialist to create a foundation for the brand it would be unable to incorporate the branding across advertising, social networks or marketing campaign. These global brands would certainly not have the brand awareness or success they do today.

Investing in your brand (or image), is a must-do for every business. When a clearly defined brand strategy is missing, you will be likely to fail. Honestly, without the right image from the very beginning, your brand strategy will be based on hope.

Ask: How do your clients/customers view your brand? Do you agree with them?

If you find that you are unclear on what you stand for or your target audience is unsure, reach out to our team on 02 8035 4420 to discuss.