The MOST valuable lesson that I have learnt in my many years of marketing is to NEVER sell the product, but to sell the benefits.

Here’s one way to look at it:

Let’s say that all you sell is paint. You LOVE paint – but do others? Not everyone is going to want paint, some people don’t need paint and others don’t know what they would do with paint. So how do you sell the paint?

The answer is that you don’t sell the paint. You NEVER sell the paint- You sell the Picture!

Here’s another way to think about it. Picture the last thing that you purchased – let’s say it was your morning coffee.

Did you buy that coffee because it featured 100% dry roasted Arabica beans or because it makes you feel awake, alert and ready to face the day? Did you purchase your morning coffee because it featured a full bodied aroma or because the smell of coffee in the morning makes you feel alive and fresh?

Think about the Picture that your service or products are currently painting for your prospects. Are they seeing the features or picturing the benefits?

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