Stop and consider for a second what else you are doing when you set time aside to listen to a podcast…

Walking, driving, jogging, home duties and waiting on the sidelines during your kids’ activities are just some of the possibilities.  While none of these truly represent devoting your complete and undivided attention, fact is you’re dedicating a lot of your attention to the podcast you’ve chosen to listen to. 

So let’s flip that around – do you want an audience like that to absorb your business message? 

Fact is, podcast listeners are there by choice so they are much more likely to engage in a conversation, react on chat channels and become customers so putting a little consistent effort in is well worth the effort.

There are various ways to produce a podcast ranging from cheap and cheerful to cashola complex.  Take the route that suits but if you’re starting out and just want to dip a toe in the water for a few episodes your iPhone or Galaxy in a quiet room will probably suffice. 

Here’s the thing… people will listen to you if you have something interesting to say that adds value to their lives.  It’s far more about the content than the production quality.  Nonetheless, if you want to book expensive time in a studio with sound engineers knock yourself out but your return on investment may be delayed.

Consider scripting yourself.  Many people make the mistake of thinking winging it will suffice.  In my experience, it’s the rare person who can hold an audience while peaking off-the-cuff.  Bearing in mind your reputation is on the line, is it worth it?  Probably not so create a script that lasts no longer than 10 minutes, rehearse its delivery then hit record.


Next, find a suitable distribution channel.  No point putting all that effort in if you just provide a link from your under-used website.  Make sure it can reach the masses.  Business in Heels provides one option and if your target market is female business owners then you’re on a winner.  You should also consider other options.