Not only “what are they?” but are they a good idea?  Are they expensive? And what if I’m a little camera shy?

Well, that last one may give you a clue about what they are.  Vlog is a compound word from video log.  It’s what Captain Kirk should have been using on the Enterprise.  Let’s face it, he had so many of those hi-tech, futuristic and overly gadgetronated gizmos that he should have used a vlog instead of his anachronistic captain’s log to stay true to his time warp, right?  

But I digress…

Whether we like it or not, Facebook’s new corporate desire to outdo YouTube is having an effect on the way we communicate.  So much so that videos are now an effect method for your message to get some cut-through.  However, as with all methods of communication it’s suited to some platforms more than others and has advantages and disadvantages.

First… Ladies, we all may need to get over our camera shyness.  Now, I know my best years are behind me but that doesn’t mean the old girl doesn’t have a little spunk left in the tank!  So Jo and I have decided, wrinkles and cellulite or not – here we come!  

Is it expensive?  It’s as expensive as you make it.  You can have them professionally produced or do it yourself with your mobile phone and simple tripod.

Often there’s a little preparation to create a good vlog or video post.  Spend the time and think about what you’re going to say before you press record.  There are far too many blabbers out there who are taken in by the method while not delivering any value to their audience.  That just means you’ll be ignored next time.  

Think about lighting and ambient noise.  You audience will want to see and hear you without struggling.

Does it have cut-through?  The reach we achieve on Facebook with our video posts is stunning.  Our advice?  Get over yourself and get posting!  Then use them on your website too – Google loves fresh content and will boost you in the search rankings.