As business owners, we all struggle with effective communication methods that will economically amplify our messages while reaching our target audience.  This is critical for cutting through the huge amount of noise currently in the ever-intensifying marketing space so we can connect with our prospects on a human level.  Though there are a range of cost-effective options for those with a computer and a mobile not all of these are suitable for every individual.  So, over the next few weeks we’ll be discussing a few of these to give you some clarity on each.

Podcasts are a convenient way to listen to and absorb audible information.  They are portable, on demand and with common technology may be played through any modern car’s audio system.  So, that’s the consumer covered.  How about the producer?

1.      Well, let’s start with the obvious and most critical – your voice!  Not everyone has a pleasant speaking voice to listen to.  If you are such a person, sadly, perhaps producing podcasts is not for you.  Let’s face it – if your voice is the kind that could grate a carrot then seek alternate methods.

2.      The content of a beneficial podcast must be simple in nature as the producer only has one medium – sound.  If you have complex ideas that would be better presented with pictures, diagrams and graphs then perhaps consider an audio/visual method of communication.  Other topics requiring visuals to seduce an audience would also be better with A/V.  Recipes spring to mind.

3.      However, if your topic is one for which opinions are essential and there are large areas of grey open for discussion then podcasts are an excellent medium.  Two presenters, each offering a differing opinion politely, can create great drama and end up producing a fully rounded discussion of value.

4.      Finally, if your subject is straight education for which there is little need for visuals and is relatively straightforward (as in a lecture), then podcasts are excellent for that too.  Try to spice it up though… you want them return next week.  Right?

So, have a go and test yours on some friends prior to release.  (Best to make your big mistakes in private!)

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From those in Heels

PS We love podcasts and will soon be releasing our Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast station