The social media and marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and we know you need to be kept up to date. So just like Sale of the Century, we phoned a friend (haha), well actually a bunch of experts and this is what they said.

2023 is expected to bring new trends driven by an uncertain economic climate and rising interest rates. As always there are loads of opportunities for businesses to connect with their audiences and drive growth.

Here are some key trends to watch out for in 2023:

Storytelling: Businesses are recognizing the power of storytelling as a tool to connect with their audience and build emotional connections. By weaving authentic stories into their marketing campaigns, businesses can make their message more relatable and memorable.*

Interactive content: The use of interactive content such as polls, quizzes, and augmented reality will continue to grow in popularity. Interactive content can help to increase engagement and provide valuable data on customers’ preferences and interests.*

Short-form video: The rise of platforms like TikTok has led to an increase in the popularity of short-form video content. Businesses should consider creating bite-size videos that are easily consumable on social media platforms to engage with their audience.*

Social commerce: Social media platforms are becoming more integrated with e-commerce, allowing businesses to sell products directly through their social media profiles. This trend is set to continue, and businesses should consider how they can leverage social commerce to drive sales.*

Artificial intelligence: AI-powered tools will become more prevalent in the social media landscape, allowing businesses to automate tasks such as content creation, audience targeting, and social listening.*

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) tools like ChatGPT are taking over how we create content and allowing us to scale production in ways that would not have been previously possible. Canva has released new AI features; Magic Write and Text To Image to help businesses produce both written and visual content in a way that feels almost like magic. **

Social Media scheduling tools like Sked Social recently announced a new feature where AI will auto-generate your social media post captions with just a few clicks, and that’s going to make staring at a blank screen trying to think of a caption a thing of the past. But it’s not only content and social media that AI tools will impact. Their ability to integrate into your workflow means you can set and forget tasks that take you away from your core purpose.

Now, these AI tools have hit the mainstream, they’ll improve as they scale, allowing business owners to accomplish more in less time.

Integrating SEO with Social Media SEO is becoming more integrated with social media as businesses learn how to use both together for maximum effect. With social media gaining more popularity, more people are using it to search for product reviews, recommendations, tips, and how-to’s, as one normally would on Google. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses to become leaders in their space by providing high-value content for their audiences to build more brand authority by utilising relevant keywords or answering common search queries.

Growth of Conversational Commerce Given the shift in consumer behaviour, people are moving away from traditional advertising and looking for more authentic, humanised content to make buying decisions. When businesses are able to create conversations with consumers instead of just interrupting their day with an advertisement, they have the potential to forge stronger relationships and build brand loyalty.

The Rise of Micro-Influencers and Content Creators If you are serious about increasing your leads and sales, then you need to look at bringing on micro-influencers in your marketing strategy. Instead of looking for influencers that reflect the “hard-to-reach” lifestyle, people are now looking for trust-worthy micro-influencers who are more like everyday people: relatable and realistic. This is why UGCs (user-generated content) is so successful! Customers want to see products on real people and hear from them – how that lipstick looks on someone with a similar skin tone, how those jeans fit when worn by someone with a similar body type, or how the yoga mat feels under their feet as they practise downward dog.

More Businesses to Focus on Social Impact and Responsibility Companies have taken note of the fact that this generation is more socially conscious than any before it, and they’re adjusting their business plans to accommodate that. For instance, 50% of Generation Z and 40% of Millennials want brands to take a stand on social issues like racial injustice, gender inequality, and climate change. When companies advocate for these issues in real-time (or at least post about them), it makes a huge impact on their purchasing decision.

By understanding and leveraging these trends, you can save time, and increase your reach and engagement with your audience to drive growth. A huge thank you to our contributors Steve Jaenke, Digimark, Carma Levene and Sarah Kiryshin, Toucan.

* Steve Jaenke is a digital marketing expert with over two decades of experience in the industry, particularly in SEO. He founded Digimark, a digital marketing agency, which has been recognised for its excellence both locally and globally, being a finalist in the Global Search Awards in 2021 and 2022, and a finalist in the upcoming 2023 Australian Search Awards. Steve himself has been a judge for the Australian Web Awards. He is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital landscape and helping clients reach their business goals through effective digital marketing strategies.
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 ** Carma Levene is a social media marketing consultant with a passion for digital and content who’s worked alongside solopreneurs, international marketing agencies, SMBs, NFPs and government departments. An Australian Marketing Institute CPM (Certified Practising Marketer) and the Australian Marketing Institute Western Australian Committee Deputy Chair.

She co-founded The Marketer, a digital marketing podcast with accompanying event series, Grill The Marketer. She’s been published across the globe as a subject matter expert in Meta Advertising and social media strategy, most notably by Social Media Examiner – the world’s largest digital marketing publisher.

Sarah Kiryshin, Managing Director of Toucan Marketing Co. has been in the industry for well over a decade. We has run her 8 person agency for over 5 years and worked on countless social media accounts. As the MD of Toucan, one of the most important things I can do is hire people smarter and better than I am at just about everything. The below tips have been put together by my marketing gurus!