The marketing landscape is continuing to change with customers demonstrating the attention span of a goldfish requiring more touch points and engagement before they are interested in working with you. The distractions are only slated to grow as people face growing pressures due to inflation & interest rate rises. With challenges come opportunities. To enable you to grab these we have curated some of the key trends from the experts.

Building your employer brand on LinkedIn *to amplify a more authentic marketing strategy & voice.

Why bother: it matters what kind of people you attract into your business, how they talk about, care about and advocate for your business. Are they proud to work there? Does the culture feel empowering and safe? Is it a place where people can do their best work? People in an organisation are the best asset. They’re all on LinkedIn and such a powerful opportunity to share human stories about the work that’s being done in a professional business network. Building an employer brand is about authentically harnessing your people’s stories and experience and LinkedIn is the most powerful place to do that. Most importantly it’s because this builds trust with the wider business community! Trust and credibility ultimately result in more fruitful business connections and outcomes.*

What business owners should be doing to take advantage of this trend.

  • Creating a safe, fun, engaging culture that cares about people and the planet.
  • Understanding the responsibility has to actually make the world a better place in one way or another.
  • Ensuring the vision for the organisation is clear and everyone’s onboard, working towards this vision.
  • Empowering their teams and trusting them to do the work and to be accountable.
  • When building out psychologically safe workplaces, understanding that the safety of the culture is only as safe as the leaders feel within themselves – a lot of work needs to be done on the self to build safe cultures.
  • Encouraging their teams to share their work and what they’re proud of, they should be proud to wear your company badge on LI.

Design and Market Your Way Out of a Recession**

Give your business a solid competitive edge by anticipating the shift in buying behaviours as we enter recessionary conditions. We know that in a downturn, buyers take on one of four personas. Tailor your marketing message and re-package your product or service to meet the emerging slowdown – and set yourself up to outpace the competition:

(1) For Slam on the brakes consumers, create essential treats by adjusting lifestyle value propositions to more pragmatic and functional angles.

(2) Pained but patient consumers will continue spending on simpler faux treats, so repackage your products or services and adjust the message to make the simpler product exude luxury.

(3) The Comfortably well-off consumer group wants to keep spending, so create irresistible offers to generate a sense of FOMO.

(4) Live for today! consumers …well, they live for today as tomorrow seems unreachable and frightfully uncertain. Focus your messaging on lifestyle benefits grounded in today.

Some really valuable tips and ideas here. A huge thank you to our contributors Natasha Ritz, Blue Melon Design and DE Anna Harrison from Rammp.

Content provided by:-

*Natasha Ritz. Blue Melon Design

** Dr. Anna Harrison Rammp

Dr Anna Harrison is a leading global expert in Product Design and Behavioural Economics, and the CEO of RAMMP, an AI that helps brands improve conversion rates without increasing marketing spend. Anna’s latest book, Digital Brand Romance: how to create lasting relationships in a digital world describes how we can use the fundamentals of human behaviour to create more effective digital footprints, higher conversion rates and increased lifetime values for all brands, from sports shoes to engineering firms.