What is your reaction when you hear that you need to be more politically savvy?  Many women that I speak with, hate having to play the workplace politics game.  They ask why they can’t be valued and promoted based on their hard work.  It is a valid question, unfortunately though, the workplace and funnily life, is not yet based on a real meritocracy and we may be waiting a while for this to occur.

So how can you get ahead then when the deck is stacked against you?  Firstly, you need to recognise that working in a corporate can be likened to playing a game.  And how can you win the game or compete well if you don’t know the rules?

What are the key rules that you should now about your company?  I mentor a lot of women on how to value their worth and how to progress their careers and the following are the key elements that I guide them on.

  • Understand the promotion process and how it works in your company.
  • Pay attention to those who have power and influence, both positive and negative across the organisation.  (Note:  sometimes it’s not always those with an executive title that wield significant power and influence).
  • Be aware of what is going on around the organisation, keep on top of changes and feel the undercurrents.
  • Determine what the unwritten rules are for your organisation.
  • Build your strategic visibility plan and know how to subtly self-promote.
  • Be able to articulate how what you do in your role helps the organisation meet its overall strategic goals.

If you’d like to discuss how you can be more politically savvy in your career, then book a free 30-minute Career Mentor Session with me.   https://calendly.com/bih_melbournecbd/30-minute-mentoring-session

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