Personal Brand is how you present yourself to the world.


Your Personal Brand is there to help you articulate who you are, what you do, and how you help others.


It is also the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression of you in the mind of others. It is based on your unique skills, qualifications, personality, daily actions, your presentation and appearance.


Whether you’re looking for a better job or more sales for your company, personal branding is more important than ever.


Elevating your personal brand starts with a distinct look. Your appearance and what you wear will say a lot about you. Your personal style can be used to convey the right message, highlight what’s unique about you, grab the right attention and get noticed.


However, when we neglect our "outer brand," meaning our attire, grooming and physical appearance, we come across as unprofessional, which is unacceptable in today's world. Understanding how your current image represents you is a good place to start.


Today I want to focus on Personal Style, one of the main elements of Personal Branding. Compared to the time investment in getting a qualification or a particular set of skills, Personal Style is by far the quickest way to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace, and it also makes getting your personal brand across to people much easier.  

The truth is we ALL have a personal brand, whether we've defined it or not. While we know there is more to a person than how he / she looks, in reality, potential clients, colleagues and other individuals we encounter will make judgments based on our appearance. I know it is not fair, but whether you like it or not, this is the fact. And multiple studies show that your physical impression is vital to negotiations & business dealings. It affects whether people like you, trust you and want to work with you.

Your personal style is an integral part of your personal brand. Your presentation and appearance, will speak volumes before you can say a word, it tells your story. So the question is – what story would you like to tell?


“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” – Coco Chanel





Why Personal Style is important to Your Personal Brand?




Personal Style is a way to show the world and the people you meet who you are and what you are about. This is something that we often forget because we don’t really understand the way we present ourselves to the people we meet is how they form opinions about us.


Take a moment to consider how you present yourself, the story you want your appearance to tell to your audience and how that story reflects on your company’s brand and your Personal Brand. What your style says about you?





Be strategic when presenting yourself to the world. You never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression, so it is important to make one that will set you apart from the rest, build trust and reflect who you are. 

First impressions are so vital because people form an opinion of you (personally and professionally) and often we forget that we are in fact in control of the opinion people form about us. 


Whether or not you’re hired for a role or considered for a promotion is directly correlated to how you visually present yourself as it sends a subtle message to those around you. Do you make a positive first impression?




When building your personal brand you need to make yourself memorable. Clothes signify a certain power. The right clothes that match your personality will make you feel more confident and bring out the best in you, making you to stand out in a positive way.


Have you ever noticed that memorable people are great at attracting others? It’s because they manage their impressions. Think of your clothing, hair/makeup and accessories as your ‘packaging’. Wearing a specific statement piece that reflects your personal style, gives you the ability to communicate in a memorable and unique way. This statement piece could be a piece of clothing, jewellery or a unique watch.  Does your style make you memorable? And in what way?





Your personal style is a vital tool because it can build your confidence up. It can be that piece of armour to protect you and give you that confidence in turning up. It can be a powerful tool to make an impact on your audience.

The best way to communicate confidence (without having to say) is with your actions, and one of these actions is dressing well! And this can change everything you do and can make all difference to the way your colleagues, employers, clients, prospects, and the world see you as a result. Of course, your abilities and your personality are vital to your success too, but dressing well makes getting your personal brand across to people much easier.


Dressing well is an investment into your confidence and future success. Clothes mirror the way you feel, so dress well and you will feel well too, and positive changes are more than likely to happen in your life.


Is your style giving you confidence?





If you’re having trouble aligning your company’s brand with your personal style, I recommend utilizing our personal styling services to help. If you can share with us a few words that sum up your brand, we can easily and quickly pull together looks that visually represent your brand. We also help with pushing you out of your comfort zone while helping you define your look, without changing your authentic style.


We can help you dress well to flatter your figure, creating shape and complimenting your body type. Too big trousers, too long sleeves or too short skirts can look and feel awkward, and you need to feel confident, yet comfortable and professional. So ALL of this is possible with the right help and guidance. And I promise you we can make it fun too!


At Style-And-You we love helping professionals and entrepreneurs to align their Personal Style with their Personal Brand for a maximum financial return. Our Style Makeover service takes care of all elements of your image to ensure you are set for success. Watch the style transformation experience of one of the executives, who booked a Style Makeover service with the personal stylist and the founder of Natalia Macri.  Click HERE  to watch. 



Remember, actions speak louder than words. At the end of the day if you are a Leader in business or in life – LOOK LIKE A LEADER YOU ARE! And clothes are the best way to communicate it to the world.


Email to find out how we can help you create that positive first impression and make it work for you, your business, career, life and your Personal Brand. 


To Your Style


Natalia Macri