Recently, I have been filled with uncertainty about where I’m headed and whether I’m on the right path or not. I have done a lot of soul searching, journalling, talking to people, reading and reflecting. My larger vision is clear, and my path now seems to be opening up before me. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have doubts still, but instead of letting fear stop me, I’m just moving forward. 

 If you are someone like me that needs to find a vision for yourself, so that you feel like you’re on the right path, then I will share what has helped me. There are endless possibilities for everyone.  If you are looking to make an amazing life for yourself then you will need to set some priorities and goals for yourself. Once you have a larger vision, broken down into groups of goals, then your focus will be much more intense.

 When you are not happy with something that you are doing you should go out there and make your life just how you want it to be. There is nothing in the world that you should think about more than where your life is going to end up.  You own happiness is something that you should always have on your mind. But what will make you happy, and keep you happy, is a vision that aligns with your deepest values. Being by determining what is important in your life, and make a list of your top 10 values.

 When you are looking for something to keep you motivated, you need to first think about what you are doing for your own life. What are the most important things to you?  Are you satisfied with everything that you are doing? Are you ready for a change in your life? If you are answering these questions truthfully, you will soon realise that maybe you are not living life to your full potential and maybe there is something better out there for you.  

 You need to recognize that you are the one that is going to be in control of your life.  When there is something that you really want to have, you should try to find different ways to go about it.  When you are energized and motivated to make something happen, you will get there. 

 To help take control of your life, you will need to set some staged controls that align with your values and your greater vision. Setting goals which are S.M.A.R.T. (simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) will help you hit your targets. This helps by reducing pressure and a lot of frustrations when the goals seem to be underachieved. It is of vital importance that you set goals which can be achieved in maybe a week, or a month, or three months, instead of very long term goals.

 Make sure that you are thinking about your goals and dreams in life.  You need to think about what you want to do in your future.  Setting goals for long term and short term is going to be one thing that makes your life so much better and easier because you are going to have something to look forward to in the end. But you should also take time to concentrate and think about your larger vision on a regular basis, to keep you motivated. A form of meditation can help you with this. 

 Meditation also helps to improve focus and concentration. It is highly advisable that you spend at least one hour of your day meditating, but if this is not achievable, then start with five minutes! One way of improving your meditation is through breathing, and thinking about yourself in your ideal future. It helps you achieve a sense of peace and some satisfaction. This helps in improving your focus.

 Never give up on something that you really want. If you have goals set for yourself you will want to make sure that you are doing everything possible that you can so that you can feel good about who you are.  Be prepared to work hard at your goals. There is nothing that should ever stand in your way, within reason and sticking to your values and principles.   

 If you start to feel discouraged, make sure your mental state is as good as it could be. Frequent exercise can help to improve your mood and focus. Exercises such as swimming, walking, yoga, and going to the gym, helps to lay off mental burdens which you might be carrying in your head. It can help to put them in perspective.

 There is nothing wrong with making choices that fit your needs.  Do not be afraid to go out there and make things work for you. So many of us are held back by our own fears and doubts, by thinking about what other people will think or us, and by doing what we think is expected of us.

 It is going to take time but you will see in the end that you are going to improve your life.  You have to be willing to provide yourself with a set of goals that are going to work for you and all of your needs. You have to be ready to take on challenges that are going to help you become stronger and more together. 

 Do not be afraid of who you are and what you do in life. Make sure that you are creating the goals in life that are going to help you be more productive and more enthusiastic about your larger vision. There is nothing out there that should stop you from being who you want to become in life.