Trish Springsteen is a Creative Business Consultant and Australia’s Leading Expert in Empowering Introverts, an multi international award winning mentor, speaker, award winning international best selling author and host of Get Known Be Seen WebTV.

Q1 Trish, with multiple books under your belt, how has your writing style or approach evolved over the course of your career?

My first book I published was a book of blogs co-authored with my previous business partner. Basically, we took our favourite blogs for a year; changed the headings and tweaked content. I learnt a lot about publishing, covers and book titles from that book. Since then, each chapter I write has become more conversational and easier.

From a mindset that I could not write to now being a contributing author, co-author and author of 19 books, with two international bestsellers, it has been a journey of overcoming that limiting belief. What worked for me was an understanding that I could write as a speak.  This was a major breakthrough and allows me to be who I am not only as a speaker but as an author.

When I write I have a general outline in my mind. Usually, I have a list of subheadings, then I just write. Sometimes I write a lot because the words just flow.  Other times I write less.  Some books have been easier than others. I don’t worry too much about the grammar and punctuation when I write. I like to get the words down then go back and edit, add, delete.

In general, contributing chapters flow quickly. My biggest problem with these is keeping to the word limit if it is a smaller word limit. I have found over time that the words come easier and flow quickly.


Q2 Each book offers a unique perspective and explores different themes. What drives you to continuously explore new subjects and narratives in your writing?

 What drives me is growth, exploration, interest, passion, learning and pushing the comfort zone.

When I am asked to contribute a chapter to a book, the first thing I look at is the theme of the book. I ask myself if I can contribute something of value, does it align with my vision, credibility and integrity. Does it excite me? Contributing chapters to books really allows me to push my comfort zone and explore options and subjects that I might not necessarily consider for my own books.

When I co-author a book, it is because I know I can add value and I relate to my co-author. My co-author books have come from conversations over coffee, casual words such as “that would make a good book, let’s do it”.

I have facilitated three books and co-facilitated one. Facilitating an anthology or compilation book teaches you many things: patience, communication and clarity. There is something really fabulous when that facilitation book comes together and it is published.

Many of my books have started with a throwaway comment, something someone has challenged me to do, a topic or thought that I heard or something that was trending.

It’s amazing really, I never thought I could write. Now there are so many topics and thoughts to share. I love the challenge and the opportunity and the freedom to be able to share my experiences and stories.

Q3 As an author with a diverse body of work, what are some common threads or recurring themes that connect your books?

Interesting question.  I haven’t stopped to think about it.  Looking back on all my books I notice that each book reflects a part of me, a story, idea, thought, expertise, or lesson.

I am very passionate about speaking and communication. I believe those skills underpin everything you do in your life, in your personal growth and in your business. These two topics appear in many of my books and contributing chapters. Speaking and communication have had a major impact on my life, so it is no wonder that they recur in my books in some form.

Mindset and believing in yourself are two of my other passions and you will find these in several of my books. Again, two significant factors that have impacted my journey so much that I find myself sharing them hoping that they will have the same impact on the reader.

Being unique, genuine and authentic are a big part of who I am. As such, they appear as a recurring theme in my books and chapters.

Lastly resilience is something that was an “aha” moment for me.  I never realised that it occurred in my books so frequently thus reflecting some of the crises and significant life-changing moments I have experienced.

Writing allows the reader to see who you are, it opens a window into the person behind the business, behind the pen. If my writing is being true to who I am as a speaker, a mentor, a trainer, a business owner, a person then you would expect to see recurring themes reflecting in my books. The words you read from the author are the same as the words you will hear from the speaker. You get me.


Q4 With such a varied collection of books, do you have a personal favourite or one that holds a special place in your heart? If so, what makes it stand out from the rest?

Picking one favourite is very difficult. Each book I write, each chapter I contribute has a special place in my heart.

My first solo book is Creating CONFIDENT Communicators.  Not only is it my first solo book but is about speaking and communication. Your first book always stands out for you. This book received some great reviews and of course it is about my two favourite topics.

However, if pushed to choose, the compilation book Forever Changed By Suicide – the third book I facilitated – has a very special place in my heart. I am extremely proud of this book and of each author who contributed to the book. Why is it so special?

Firstly, the topic is confronting. Suicide is still a word not many are comfortable with. This book gave the opportunity for the authors to share confronting, sensitive and emotional stories. It gave them a forum to break their silence, to remember loved ones, to remember their own traumatic journey. It is a very powerful book with many messages and it was such an honour to assist each author to share their chapter.

Secondly, we lost our son Craig to suicide in 2007. This book was an opportunity to share a small part of our story and of Craig. My chapter in the book is an introduction, a sample of the book I am currently writing about Craig and about our family; a ripple-effect his decision has had. This book is for those who have stayed, those who are gone, and those who have been left behind.