Finding the Gifts Out of the Darkness

What if all of those struggles, challenges, and tragedies that you have experienced in your life were actually for a very profound reason? What if out of those dark times there were actually amazing gifts that were given to you to help you create an extraordinary life for yourself? 

Well this is exactly what Kim Baird has done with her own life, and now she is inspiring others to do the same. Kim is an inspirational speaker, an award-winning author, a transformational coach and an entrepreneur. She has helped thousands of people to transform their lives and their businesses for the better, but it wasn’t without a massive journey along the way to get her to where she is today. 

Right from the start Kim Baird was thrown into life with challenges. She was born with cataracts and was blind in one eye, with little sight in the other eye. She struggled through her childhood and got chronically sick during her teenage years, also suffering from depression. Due to her chronic illness and health issues, she got told at 20 that it would be highly unlikely that she would ever be able to have kids naturally.

“There got to a point in my suffering where I said ‘ENOUGH!’ and I had to make the committed decision to turn my life around, no matter what that took. I didn’t want the rest of my life to be like this.”

After conventional medicine wasn’t helping, Kim turned to natural therapies and radically changed her diet to help herself get better. “I was really sceptical that it would make a difference, but I was in such a crisis point that I had to give it a go. Within six months I had healed and cured almost all of my health issues, and within a year I was finally strong and healthy.”

Today Kim has two amazing kids, and she is the healthiest she has ever been. But overcoming chronic illness and living with a disability aren’t the only dark times that this inspiring business mum has had to deal with. She has also come back from the brink of financial disaster, been on the verge of bankruptcy multiple times, and is also raising a daughter with special needs while running a thriving business.

“The dark and challenging times in our lives can actually be filled with so many gifts and life lessons that can move and propel our lives forward if we are willing to see them.”

Kim believes so much that this empowering message can transform people’s lives that she wrote an entire book on the subject called ‘Gifts From The Darkness.’ The book is all about finding the gifts and life lessons out of your darkest times and Kim shares her personal stories in it to help others find their own gifts. The book won the Gowor International Publishing Authors Award in 2015 and is getting raving reviews.

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