Be it changing your career, starting your own business, ending a relationship, starting a new life in a new city or a new country or leaving everything behind to go travel the world ….. These decisions always sound absolutely worthwhile but somehow they are always the most terrifying and difficult to make!

So WHEN is the best time to make a Life Changing Decision and WHAT is the best way to do it successfully?

Here are a few pointers:

1) Acknowledge Something Needs To Change

Some people can stay miserable for years without even noticing it! Don’t be that guy! You might be complaining a bit more than usual, you might find yourself saying “I don’t care” too often….. Maybe you are eating more than usual for no reason, or on the opposite lost your appetite….. If you were to write down about your days, you wouldn’t have much to say…..Maybe you find it harder to wake up in the morning because nothing really makes you rise….. You might get irritated more easily than you should or maybe you don’t feel like going out and being around people…. Whatever it is, if you are not yourself, if you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, notice it, acknowledge it!

2) Define Success/Find A Purpose

Your definition of success is probably very different to mine and everyone you know! We all have our own dreams, goals, passions & vision…. We are all here for a different reason. Find yours! A little hint, the things you love, your passions, they are not random…. They are your calling

3) Take A Good Look At What Is Really Stopping You

Be it the fear of change, the fear of uncertainty, a lack of energy, the fear of failure, a lack of time, money or knowledge, it’s crucial to be honest with yourself and find out what exactly is stopping you from making that life changing decision. Once you know your weaknesses, it’s easier to work on them and overcome them!

4) Take A Realistic Look At The Risk Vs. The Reward

Yes, taking the decision to change your life is scary and unfortunately, success is not guaranteed… you will be taking a risk. But consider this, what’s the worst that can happen if you don’t succeed?  And more importantly, take a moment to think about the rewards…. What would actually happen if/when you succeed?

5) Commit To Yourself

Alright, you’ve made the decision to go for it. You can’t go back now! Now is the time to commit to yourself….. You have a massive “YES” burning inside you….. It should now be easier to say “NO” to whatever will not help you accomplish your goals!

6) Surround Yourself

It’s crucial to commit to yourself, but it’s also crucial not to be alone in your quest. Firstly, tell your loved ones and get their buy-in. They will hold you accountable and will give you their support and that’s what you need.  Don’t be afraid to distance yourself from those who do not support your decision and most importantly, surround yourself with people who are following a similar journey as well as people who have resources to help you!

7) Make Space

You will need to make space for the change you have decided to make! It might be physical space, it might be space in your schedule, and it might be distancing yourself from some people in your life…. Be aware and willing to make that space.

8) Take Small Actions

I know, thinking about what you are about to do is overwhelming, scary and it looks impossible from where you stand. That’s absolutely normal. Break it down into small tasks and goals on a specific timeline. It will suddenly look achievable…. One step at a time!

 9) Be Kind To Yourself

It’s a big leap of faith you are taking….. You should already be proud of yourself for taking control of your life! A long journey awaits you and I’m not going to lie, you will face a few rejections, hard sacrifices and moments of doubt…. But never forget how far you’ve come…. Be kind to yourself!

10) Celebrate

Celebrate each victory, no matter how small….. Each step you take is an important one. Acknowledge your own achievements, be proud of them, use them to stay motivated and keep moving forward.

Good Luck!

Emeline Omont / Founder, MomentuM Coaching & Consulting