The balance of two opposites. Relaxation, I call (Vitamin R.) the reason being Vitamins and vitality seem to be important for physical and emotional health empowering us to reform our attitudes and reactions to STRESS in our days Vitamins are fun and good and always delivered with a smiling person telling us how good and yummy they are.

I call Stress (Factor S) Because when someone is trying convince us of something good or bad its called Facts. Factors conducive to overcoming obstacles To beating challenges to being in control by understanding the factors.. involved in you winning by doing the calculations so to speak. normally quite seriously delivered.. haha

Factor S and Vitamin R would make the ideal couple if its true that opposites attract.. if balance or equilibrium are in harmony what a wonderful mix of fire and earth. If not in balance however This marriage would be heaven and hell.. a long drawn out apocalypse .A mixture of dreamy blazay of positiveness and pleasant passivity mixed with explosive frustration and exhausted factors being explored and driven to gain progression in the marriage. To keep it going forward.

Hmmmmmm Sounds a bit familiar in many situations. Both are very important for day to day living and balance.

For the next well how ever long through Autumn and Winter I am going to be promoting the discussion of Vitamin R and Factor S
and looking at ways of how these interact in our daily lives. I would love your participation to share talk comment and see where this goes.