Hello to the Women In Heels membership.

Because of the Corona virus and being stuck in ‘lockdown’ it’s given me the opportunity to concentrate on my business. Having paid a publicist to work with our latest book release in February and to be cut short during the publicity campaign was a financial blow, however, not wanting to be beaten, I moved mentally ‘outside the box’.

I’ve joined Business In Heels to broaden my network and to further publicise my online For over 20 years I’ve been writing, researching and developing, through a range of different genre, different books to help in life skill building for our readers.

Our most recent book releases: Devils In Our Food, the Devils Food Handbook and Devils In Our Food App are now available. This particular writing journey wasn’t in my long term vision. The shocking truth about food additives needs to be explained. It’s through personal, family and my teaching experiences as a professional educator, I started asking myself some fundamental questions about human behaviour and the food eaten. The journey of research, cross referencing and re-reading was significant, at times I became angry about what I was discovering. Some food additives are synthetic, petroleum-based or made from chemicals such as ammonia. Science has proof, through collected research over decades, that long term illness, cancers and brain deformity in the young and unborn child can be attributed to food additives. To do nothing with the research would have been irresponsible of me. This knowledge has led to further investigation.

Christine Thompson-Wells