Life deals out many challenges from the day we are born. We all have a story that becomes a limiting attachment and dishes out all kinds of life lessons depending on our evolutionary path. Whatever the story, it is all just a form of energy. Essentially we are powerful formless beings residing in a physical form. Instinctively our human qualities resist the one thing we came here for… love, in many energetic forms.

Unknowingly, we avoid so many aspects of ourselves that are essentially invisible. No one is at fault, it’s simply that we are taught to believe in a lesser version of ourselves from birth. Our parents knew no better and our education systems are full of limiting beliefs and constraints. All these influences at a young age result in deep seeded programming that needs to be reversed at some stage in our lives so we can then truly believe in and live our full potential.

Essentially, all these beliefs and constraints are energetic frequencies embedded in our cellular network at the DNA level. How does this happen? At birth we are all high frequency beings, the purest form of light that easily absorbs any surrounding lower frequencies. New born babies literally glow and no parenting program provides a manual about the true reality of children and what we can learn from them. Without understanding these fundamental facts, we perpetuate the human programming of outdated low vibrational patterns from generation to generation.

As adults in Western society, we then debate the current situations of our youth and neatly label them Gen X, Y and Z etc so they are then branded and unable to simply live who they are as an individual soul on this planet. Labels help to define variables, however they are more often used as a means to put someone or something in a box. Without understanding our journey as a high vibrational energetic soul, we will always be limited in potential. The age of living our full potential through love has arrived and needs to be acknowledged individually to truly enjoy this lifetime.

Labelling also extends to our ‘soul or spiritual’ journey in numerous ways across many cultures. The maturity and responsibility required by each individual on their journey is something that is often underestimated because of so many unknown factors. As each human is creating their own reality, each journey is then unique. Along with anything in our modern world, ‘spirituality’ is also at the mercy of the wealth of information that the world wide web provides. Confusion and disconnection will occur as we attempt to navigate our journey from the external plane rather than firstly connecting within and finding our own individual guidance through our own energetic frequency channels. Intuitively tuning in to your own frequency helps you navigate the myriad of information networks.

Fundamentally, we and everything around us are all just many forms of energy colliding to create our reality. Understanding the nature of energy and how it affects our Body, Mind and Spirit is essential for this personal journey. As energy has polarity, it can move from any low vibrational level into a high vibrational frequency in any moment depending on our thoughts, words, actions, expressions and environments. Universal law then determines the outcome of any situation based on the frequency emitted from our human form through our own physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental energetic broadcast.

What is it that creates all these polarising energetic situations? Resistance to the deep knowing that we are all pure forms of love. The highest vibrational frequencies are love and joy. Our journey here is just that, to believe that we are all that purest frequency and that we can live in these high vibrational states if we choose to release the self-imposed energetic limitations. Yes, they are all self-imposed as we create our own reality. If we all humbly accepted and acknowledged this one fact, the energetic shift on the planet would be measurable. However when the lower energetic frequencies of blame, shame, judgement, projection and many other emotions prevail, we remain in a place of perceived suffering, creating more of the same low vibrations in our lives.

All this affects our health, our ability to form or maintain relationships, build our businesses and essentially create meaningful and fulfilling lives based on our unique soul imprint. Whatever gift we have to share in this lifetime is there waiting for us to access through our energetic frequency. Knowing this allows us to detach from the perceived labels, expectations and outcomes more easily as energy provides us with messages through our feelings and presents us with mirrors in the form of other humans and situations from which to learn. These lessons are humbling to say the least, yet they are necessary for our soul’s growth and expansion.

Whether we explain the energetic frequency of humans through any form of ancient spiritual wisdom or science makes no difference, it’s all the same message. For example, the ‘human electromagnetic field’ or ‘aura’ still exists, it’s how we combine the wisdom behind the concept that matters. Science and spirit have always been in alignment, it’s humans who create the conflict and separation. The ‘message’ about who we are as ‘powerful energetic beings’ is what needs to be presented more effectively so we can use energy to begin solving more of our health issues, remembering who we are and repairing our relationship with ourself and others through energy. We can then redefine our interactions in business through neutral energetic spaces (high vibration) rather than attaching to charged emotions, judgements, expectations and opinions (low vibration). The inner energetic work is essential for all of us as we ascend together and with the planet.


by Gina Yallamas 

Energy Medicine Practitioner

Collecting Consciousness