Staying active and positive is really important, so we wanted to share with you a guest blog from Fiona Hurle.

Exercise boosts energy but how do you find the energy to exercise when you are exhausted

It’s a conundrum that many women face daily, and with all the noise about ‘fads and fasts’ it can become a complex web of information, a web of information that led Fiona Hurle to start her own experiment of change, which became ‘life-changing’. 

Spending most of her life in highly stressful roles, primarily taking care of other people’s needs and using food and alcohol to boost energy, she started to notice that her body and mind were ‘out of sorts’. The movement consisted of walking from home to the tram and from her desk to the photocopier, food came in a take-away box, and sleep wasn’t restful for the Executive Assistant that needed to be firing on all cylinders. She was sick from week to week with colds, migraines, poor digestive health, a diagnosis of PCOS and on a fast track to burnout…. this continued for years.

 Fiona came to a point and knew something needed to change, turning to her ‘innate wisdom’ to get moving, boost energy, and improve her outlook of life. 

Utilising her unique ‘1 percent’ thinking method allowed her to identify areas in her life where she could make small changes to habits. Wanting to break the overwhelm of making a variety of changes with the ‘all or nothing’ thinking, she focused on small, daily incremental changes such as replacing a chocolate bar with a protein bar or taking a 15-minute walk instead of choosing no exercise at all. 

Fiona started to notice that regular exercise was helping to manage stress better, reduce the constant illness, become more present to the world around her, and reconnect with self-love. 

The increased love for herself, for life, and experiencing the joy of movement and exercise led Fiona to become more curious about the connection of mind, body, and soul. Fiona now runs her own business and is a personal trainer, human behaviour specialist, nutritionist and uses holistic therapies to lead the way for change for corporate women through personalised health strategies. 

Fiona’s top 5 tips for staying active and positive whilst navigating lifestyle changes:

  • Explore where you can improve your habits by 1%, and start doing that consistently
  • Do exercise that you enjoy so you look forward to it
  • Lean in with curiosity to observe your body and mind in action, you can learn a lot from this
  • Don’t over complicate things – keep it simple sexy
  • Celebrate your achievements daily 


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