By now you should know that we at Business in Heels are highly cultured and fully conversant in philosophy, fine arts and, most importantly, cocktail appreciation.  Oh good Lordy yes! 

So it is without hesitation that we turn to the Grand Pooh-Bah of philosophy to underscore 3 of the 4 steps required to build authority.  None other than the great man himself, Aristotle, outlined these over 2,000 years ago and frankly – not much has changed since.  The difference is that we have added a fourth.  

If you want to be regarded as an authority you must…

1.     Consistently demonstrate good sense in your field of endeavour.  This means being completely across the fundamentals of your profession and staying up-to-date with current trends.

2.     Back up your good sense with high integrity.  Without integrity, your good sense will be dismissed by all coming into contact with you.

3.     Approach all with goodwill and a willingness to educate and learn.  This demonstrates accessibility and understanding. Both are critical for being a successful business person.


But Ari, love, technology has moved on since 349BC and now allows for another element.  You see, back in Ari’s day, town hall meetings were the thing, soap boxes were plentiful and traders limited their markets to a donkey-cart ride away.  Therefore their territory of influence was restricted.  These days, we may have a much greater sphere of authority via the internet.  (Ari, love , I’m not going to explain it to you so from here on you can rest in peace.) 

So, if you’re running a business, number 4 becomes…

4.     Teach people that you have these qualities.  Let’s face it, if only your neighbours know of your good sense, integrity and goodwill you’ll struggle to make ends meet in business.  Good businesses these days require a certain level of fame.  

Many people, women especially, struggle with this concept.  I get it.  So here’s the trick to avoiding sounding like you’re a know-all.  

Talk about your subject, not yourself.

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