The smartest business owners are always improving their skills, staying up with the latest developments in their field and educating themselves.  After all, who do you want to do your taxes – the accountant who’s up with the latest allowances and deductions or the one who’s operating on the schedule from three years ago?  Staying educated in business means staying current.  And it doesn’t stop there…


Current knowledge creates authority.  The importance of authority to a business owner cannot be overstated.


1.       It is by far the easiest way to make yourself the Go-to-Girl in your field.  This valuable position means your phone rings regularly with potential customers seeking to benefit from your knowledge.


2.       It makes you attractive for media comment in the event a story requires expert opinion.


3.       Speaking engagements you present are well-attended.  If demand for these is high, so is your price tag!


4.       Books you write are sought after and therefore have a value attached to them. 


5.       Courses you may develop suddenly sell themselves due to the respect that accompanies your authority.


6.       Podcasts, YouTube clips and blogs are devoured and people talk about your latest offering and engage with you.


7.       You develop a following.


Of course all of these contribute to the growth of your business.  Yay!


And there’s something else…


No one ever gained authority by playing small.  Being widely recognised as an authority requires bravery as it necessitates putting yourself up for scrutiny.  So if you’re going to go for it, make sure your cause is pure and the betterment of humanity is your goal.  Next week we’ll discuss how to build authority.  You may be surprised – it really doesn’t take that much.


And once you’ve attained some authority and the people who enjoy knocking tall poppies say, “You’re just in it for cash!” because they will, simply state, “It’s okay to make a living and help people at the same time.”  Indeed – it’s the foundation of commerce.


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