In the western world, it is not uncommon for Yoga to be considered merely exercise. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Yoga in business has the potential to be incredibly powerful and transformational. It is a well-known fact that before COVID19 employee dissatisfaction was at an all-time high. With more than 70% of employees unhappy in their job. To make matters worse the majority of these problems occur through poor relationships in the workplace. Step into the current situation and imagine those employees staying in workplaces for job security only, we now have a significant employee dissatisfaction dilemma.

We know that when employees are happy and engaged in business, both them and the business flourish. So how do we get ahead of the pack in this disruptive landscape of COVID19? I have a simple philosophy grow yourself first, then grow your people and they will grow your business. Throughout my career in the corporate world from Human Resource Management, to Project Management and Consulting, I see the same mistakes time and time again. We focus externally and pour ourselves into growing the business. Whilst at the same time we so frequently give lip service to growing ourselves and our people. When you want different outcomes you need to do something different.

The power of Yoga in business has the potential to transform the way we interact in all areas of our life. I know, by now you are thinking how can a few exercises transform our life. This is why I am a yoga & mindfulness coach. I empower clients from CEO to front line employees on an inward journey of discovery. For far too long growth and success have been sort outside, but the inward journey is far more powerful for the individual.

If you want to see a change in your business, first you must be the change you want to see, then show others how to do the same. This is simply the ripple effect.  True happiness does not exist outside of the body because only you are in charge of your happiness. External happiness through reward, financial gain and material wealth is always short-lived. I am sure you can easily remember a time you thought you would be happy when; you got your new car, you went on holiday, the weekend arrived. Are these sounding familiar?

So if you want happy employees, to create a successful business, it is time to lead them on an inward journey to discover they are in control of their happiness on a much deeper level. Through the power of the 3 elements of Yoga in business, a significant shift can take place in your workplace.

Breathing – for better solutions

Breathing is something the vast majority of us do terribly. We consistently don’t consider the importance of breathing well. Instead, we just leave it up to our body to get it right and guess what we don’t get it right! Consider the basic concept of breathing. The heart is a giant pump, doing an incredibly important job pumping oxygen cells through our blood to our entire body. This is required for survival, however, as humans, we can survive in a very poor state of functionality because we are over-engineered. So imagine what the world looks like when we function at a higher capacity. Simple improved breathing techniques engaged regularly can vastly improve our awareness, focus and engagement. What would improvement in awareness, focus and engagement look like in your workplace?

Moving – for better performance

Movement is an important part of the function of the human body. When we stay fixed in the same position for long periods our body functionality is not at its optimum. Moving better and more frequently in the workplace can improve focus and engagement. In the busy world we live in, many employees are juggling family and working life. This frequently doesn’t leave much time for physical movement. When employees are engaged in movement throughout their working day, as an employer you are supporting their wellbeing and adding value to their life. What do you think being a supportive employer of well being would mean to your workplace?

Creating stillness – for better engagement

Time in stillness is incredibly important for the mind to recharge, focus and function well. A busy mind constantly a flood with thoughts is not an efficient mind. Efficient minds enable more timely and accurate decisions, mitigating risks in the workplace. What would greater mind efficiency look like in your workplace?

Start at the top and work your way down your organisation through an internal Yoga journey of personal discovery. You might be very surprised at how it impacts your bottom line and your staff retention.  I’m not talking about lunchtime yoga and meditation classes either. I am talking about an embedded Yoga mindset shift right across every part of your organisation. This is where true and lasting transformation happens both at work and play. So next time you think about your bottom line, consider that there is a better way to get it, whilst vastly improving the lives of your employees. Then think about what your workplace would look like!

If you would like to know more about how Yoga can transform your workplace, one person’s journey at a time, contact me and I will show you how.