If there’s one thing our summits are becoming famous for, it’s providing practical suggestions, systems, knowledge and advice that are simply plug’n’play for your business – no matter what you do!

Let’s face it, we’ve all got bottlenecks and hurdles in our businesses that slow us down, get under our skin and frustrate the barnacles out of us! (OUCH!) So the question becomes… How long do you want to live with that?

The workshop presenters at our summits are experts in their fields. We vet them all for subject matter knowledge, presenting ability and experience so we are very confident they will deliver on the day and provide valuable tips and tricks you can take advantage of.

For example…

Who’d like to streamline their processes around conflict resolution? If this is for you, get along to How to Handle Conflict with a Bit of Sparkle. This will take the stress away from conflict management as you learn the simple strategies that can quickly diffuse a situation and see all parties moving on quickly.

Are you receiving enough quality business referrals? If not, let’s get that sorted. Word-of-mouth referrals are not only the highest compliment a business owner can receive, but their conversion rates are staggeringly high compared to other forms of marketing. Learn how to attract more in How to Fill Your Pipeline with Referrals.

It’s often said that great leaders have more emotional intelligence than the average person. If your team is struggling to perform up to your expectations, a quick refresher course in Leading with Emotional Intelligence may be all you need to boost your results and your team’s.

Social media marketing stumps many business owners so the common response is to put it squarely in the too hard basket and move on. Don’t despair. Effective Social Media Marketing will see your understanding of this intimidating subject soar and give you the confidence to put some simple strategies into practice.

So book into the Business Solutions Summit and line up these or other fascinating workshops to register for. They are interactive, fun and you’ll feel like a kid at the Royal Show as you come away with show bags full of great ideas and inspiration.

It is one day, 23rd October and it will be a day to remember.

If you want to learn more  https://events.businessinheels.com/business-solutions-summit/