The Letter “E” shows up in how you live life and how you play in business especially when you know how to apply it. Knowing the value that each letter holds will enable you to take that trajectory forward and be exactly where you want to be.


PAUSE and reflect a moment to consider the value you place in letters and in words and how they play out in your life, and then begin your journey again to create real impact.

Letters, like ‘words” hold a great deal of substance and yet we often use them placing little value to them. So now that you have paused to reflect on this, what will you do differently to change your trajectory forward?


What does the “E” stand for? 


Let’s create perspective. If D” stands for Drive and “F” is for Failure and Fear. What will you make “E”? Before you decide make sure you know its value and the outcome you want. For me the letter “E” stands for Ethics, Evolve, Elevate, Educate, Enrich and to have “Edge”.



FAILURE is not a dirty word; and this is why I encourage you to separate it from fear the two as they are not a match made in heaven. For those of you who look at failure with a negative outlook it may just be because you have been taught that taking risks lead to failure – catastrophic ones, so you have now stopped taking risks and have failed yourself because you are not trying anything new.


So here is a new approach. When you take risks and apply critical thinking or second and third order thinking you create a roadmap with the intent of learning and evolving as you go. Creating small measured steps to trial, will either have you succeed or have small failings where you begin to learn and elevate your skill and knowledge, enabling you to reach points of inspiration and try again. Without failure you cannot transform, and you cannot reach your place of genius.

The process of failing allows us to strengthen from what you have actioned and experienced. It is an opportunity to reach greatness, to do something that has not been done before.

Every time someone drives forward with intent and takes the time to look at what has happened in the past to learn from it and become better or to strengthen from it, they develop a skill called antifragility. Developing antifragility enables you to strengthen from the past not just live through it. This point of focus is the difference between elevating your consciousness to deliver a different outcome so that you don’t walk the path of failure and not stand up to try again. 

Focus on the right themes

So often we reflect on what we have not done and make the focal point – that one thing that has gone wrong, but if we break things down to identify each step, each word, each action we then allow ourselves to learn, to evolve and to change so that we apply the parts that have worked again and adjust the parts that we need to rebuild.


Taking time to pause, will allow you to form moments of clarity and to seek support from those who have lived experiences in the areas that you want to achieve. Elevate your knowledge by investing in you and seeking out people that will support you to achieve your Edge.

In business, we need to remove the emotion we attach to outcomes. Removing Fear in particular is vital, especially if it is attached to failure as this will impede your vison to taking action when needed so that you can work towards your place of genius.

Having a different lens will often allow you to reshape the small steps that need to be created to bring about the change which will take you to the point of Elevation.

So often we have the Drive in life and in business but on the other side we see Fear and Failure so how we choose to navigate the “E” will determine the success of “F” and our trajectory forward.

Who can help you crystalise your E so that your D does not repeat F”?