In The Business Accelerator Program, we go into considerable depth when discussing Target Markets and Collaboration Circles.  Understanding these two concepts will help you derive maximum benefit from your networking efforts by helping you to quickly recognise the professions which are most likely to be of greatest value to both parties.  

In the program, we talk about how most people only consider one of the two common streams when thinking about Collaboration Circles and that many disregard various lucrative sectors when focussing on how to access target markets.  To ensure you have a greater chance of business success, be sure you fully grasp these two ideas which are central to deciding whom to meet at networking events and how to identify and locate your ideal clients.

When you attend business networking events, come with a plan to meet the right people and don’t be bound by stereotypical pairings, which, though they work, narrow your opportunities.  For example…

If you’re a physiotherapist, you’ll naturally want to meet other professionals in allied health practices.  After all, they serve the same target market as you and, as long as they’re not physiotherapists, don’t compete with you.  But don’t just work on this single angle that concentrates on other professions.  This is a mistake many business owners make and it can cost them dearly because they forget the other side of the equation – the customer.

People who need physiotherapy are often involved in activities or sport.  So remember to consider meeting the people who help out in these places.  They could be from dance studios, badminton clubs or volleyball associations.  Gardening clubs, weightlifting academies and martial arts dojos are also potential sources of business for you.

When considering whom to meet at a business networking event, take your blinkers off and look at more than the standard professional associations.  The Business Building Program will further open your eyes to what is possible.  Click on the link to learn more.

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