E-commerce is constantly evolving with the emerging global economy. With that said, it is important to note that e-commerce and e-business have become a necessity to boost business growth. Selling a product without seeking the attention of its desired target audience is of no use. The competition in the digital market is rising with each passing day due to which you need to make your product stand out. SEO(search engine optimization) is the ultimate tool to make your product/service in the top ranking. Multinational companies such as Amazon that revolve around e-commerce and artificial intelligence also need SEO to generate a solid customer base.

What is Amazon SEO and how does it work?

SEO in Amazon is the method to rank the product higher in Amazon search. This leads to an influx of desired traffic and increased sales. To achieve this one should seek expert help. Amazon SEO works through various factors that optimize your product listing.

One can improve the product listing by taking the following measures:

● Customize campaigns for your company that meets the needs of your client.

● Use of right keywords and images for product description.

● A detailed description of the product in bullets.

● Amazon badges are of several types. For example “in-stock” badge lets the buyer know the availability of the product.

● Offer your clients reasonable prices and promotions.

Importance of Amazon SEO in 21st Century

With the rising competition in the digital market, Amazon SEO helps to optimize your product, making it rank higher in Amazon search. This generates desired target traffic which means more sales. On the other hand without SEO there would be fewer views and fewer sales. According to research, 45% of the audience doesn't even bother to look for the second page. This means you need to make your customer feel as if you know what is in their mind and what they want. Amazon SEO helps you to optimize your product and make them rank high to secure your position on the first search page.

Tips to Rank Your product Higher in Amazon

There is fierce competition in the digital market. You need to make your product/service stand out. Following are some ways through which your product can rank higher in Amazon:

● Products with a high conversion rate rank higher.

● Relevant product descriptions and images help to attract desired traffic.

● Find a product name that is relevant to your target audience.

● Positive Customer review is another factor to rank your product higher because people are so busy going into details, at times they only see customer reviews to know the quality of the product.

● Create a comprehensive product description.

● There is no better business strategy than a satisfied customer.

Customer satisfaction rate will increase retention rate. In a nutshell, SEO in Amazon boosts e-commerce. It creates a solid customer base and increases sales which otherwise would not be possible. It can optimize your product listing and generate desired target audience.