What gets you off your butt?  What sets you in motion and forces you to take the action you know to be beneficial but have been delaying? 

Your family?  Your bank balance?  Your cause?  Your disappointment levels?  Health?  Your lust for a better outcome next time?  Relationships?  Reputation?

Or do those things not inspire action.  Are you okay with these things being… mediocre?

If you’re fine with mediocre generally, may I suggest you don’t go into business for yourself?  If satisfactory is all you’re shooting for, perhaps running the company isn’t for you.  If pedestrian is suitable, maybe you want to avoid the responsibility of handling other people’s expectations.  You see, this level of energy and engagement will not be attractive to most entrepreneurs who are putting their heart and soul into their businesses and would appreciate dealing with people who are doing the same.

So if you want to run the company – get motivated!

Being motivated requires the expense of energy.  First, it requires you to think of the outcome you want, formulating a plan to get there and mustering the courage to take the first steps along that path.  Often those first steps are as simple as making a promise or booking an appointment.  I bet you’re good at coming through with those, right?  If you’re lacking motivation for any reason and know you need it, try doing one of those two things.  You may not be a motivated person naturally, but I bet you’re reliable and value your own reputation and relationships.   I bet you also know that breaking the promise or not turning up at the appointment will damage your reputation and relationships.   

Now – keep doing it!  New habits will develop and the opportunities only available from human interactions will flow.  Before you know it, you’ll be looking in the eye of the things that were once holding you back and staring them down.  

How good will you feel then? 


 Stay tuned for Part 2.. next week

From those in Heels 

Lisa & Jo