Year 2014 witnessed a major cultural shift in the American society when the number of single people in the country exceeded the number of married couples. Everyone knows that the gender roles have changed over a period of time and women are graduating from colleges at much quicker pace than men. More and more of them are excelling at their workplaces and putting off marriage, just to pursue their dreams. In fact, fewer number of women are getting into relationships and having children nowadays. Statistics reveal that businesses owned by women earn more revenue compared to the ones owned by men. There are four commonly observed factors that answer why businesswomen are opting for single life today. 

Zero time

Starting and running a business takes so much time that women entrepreneurs aren’t able to focus on anything apart from what they are passionate about. There is no room for private life. There is also a constant fear that if you meet someone, there will be no option but to ‘cheat’ on the business, to work on that new relationship. Many women don’t realise that one can be highly success-oriented and yet find time for family and social life. Here’s some advice on MiamiHerald regarding this! In fact, taking time off work, to focus on personal life can be more productive for the company.

No role models

There are hardly any women leaders in the world who have achieved all that they have without making sacrifices on their family front. Many are of the opinion that a woman actually outgrows her husband both financially as well as emotionally once she starts growing her business. Considering the lack of good and happily married women role models, finding a spouse for oneself doesn’t seem like a very good idea to new age women.



Fear of losing control

A woman who is a boss at work normally likes to be in the driver’s seat. She enjoys complete control over her finances, business and her dreams. The biggest fear of such single businesswomen is that a man might come in and mess up their lives. These entrepreneurs, who sometimes also border on being control freaks, don’t like being accountable to anyone about their decisions, both when it comes to their finances as well as their personal lives. If you too are one such businesswoman, here’s a piece on Forbes about how entrepreneurs can overcome fear that can possibly help you in some way.

Fear of getting distracted

Many career oriented women view relationships as a distraction from their career goals. They are not too comfortable with the idea of getting caught up with someone else, worrying about his feelings and how he feels about them. They view all this as something which can interrupt their workflow. You might be tempted to while away the weekend with him, rather than analysing your second quarter financials! And here’s what happens when you’re not in control of your money. In the worst-case scenario, if there is a breakup, the heartbreak would drain you emotionally and you would not be in the right mind space to focus on your company. As a result, many women put barricades around their heart and never risk disturbance.