Green is such a calming and soothing colour, and it’s personally one of my favourites and has been used in every house I have lived in. You can’t beat the colours of nature, and soft greens in particular are muted in tone, soothing, and as such, easy colours to work with. Green also co-ordinates well with other colours. What more could you ask for with a colour?

At this time of year, green is especially popular with Christmas on its way, however green needn’t be bold and bright.

I have found that green can be a little polarising, as I have clients who simply do not like it, however, not all greens are the same, and they can evoke different emotions, so read on and let’s delve into the world of wonderful green and how you can use it in your home.

Sage and soft muted greens are definitely my favourites, yet deep olives and mint are also just as divine, while emerald jewel tones work a treat as accent colours.

Where to use green

The wonderful thing with green is it can be used in both classic and contemporary settings. It works perfectly in soft tones in a bedroom in any style of home, as it provides a sense of calm. In fact, I have used a myriad of different greens in many of my own bedrooms from pistachio to olive, to lime green – depending on the setting (I used lime green in Amsterdam to brighten things up a bit through a dreary winter).

Use it in a study or office space, as green is a colour for productivity, and provides a great connection to outdoors.


Green walls in bedrooms – so calming. And green velvet chairs for dining. Stunning. Photo credit: Living Etc UK

A contrasting wall behind a bedhead, or a feature wall in a child’s bedroom creates a lovely foundation for creativity with other colours in the room as it mixes and co-ordinates with so many other colours.

A subtle green textured wallpaper works well in any space and a darker version of sage green looks great as an exterior colour, either on fretwork and other timber features or as a main colour accented with white to create a crisp and fresh feel.

Green is one of those colours that can be used anywhere, so be creative and think about how it can be added boldly or subtlety in your spaces.

Green and other colours

Muted greens are a transitional colour, so par back beautifully with pinks (particularly pastel) to add a contemporary touch. While contrasting it with white provides for a fresh look that looks great in a classic interior.

Rich jewel colours such as emerald or teal coordinate with muted greens providing a rich intensity contrasting with the softer tones. They work beautifully for soft furnishings such as scatter cushions and throws and also bedlinen, for a dark and moody feel.

Pale blue with light green makes for a great coastal and relaxed feeling, while using mid tone green and blue combines coastal and wild outdoors brilliantly.

Think about texture too. Green is magnificent in velvet and I personally love a crushed looking velvet as it creates different tones and contrasts creating depth and a lovely sheen.

Stunning crushed velvet in a muted green make for a luxurious look on these chairs.

A soft sage type green also works really well with linen, especially Belgian Flax, making it perfect for sofas and occasional chairs, or even heavy drapes and sheer linen curtains.

As the colour lends itself to being used in classic or contemporary settings, it works well in small geometric classic style motifs, yet also bold modern botanical prints.

All natural materials and natural colours work well with green as they are the colours of nature. A darker timber floor for example, provides a deeper contrast, which sets off the green tones even more.

And finally, metallics (the hit of the moment) are great friends of green too. Think chrome, brass, gold and silver, all pairing back beautifully.

My tips – green with any colours of nature (browns, blues, ochre). And pairing back with pastels provides a beautiful contrast.

Not sure how to incorporate green into your space?
You don’t need to do it alone. We can help you choose the right tones and co-ordinating colours to make it personal for you.

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