There comes a time when we may need to downsize. Our current home is too large, or we just need less. So what’s the best way to do this? Look for a single level home, or one with all living area and the master bedroom on the same level. A smaller garden can also be more manageable, with minimal lawn. There are a few key things to consider when downsizing;-

The first thing is to declutter. You are most likely going to have less rooms in the home you move to, so you won’t need as much furniture. The key is to ensure that the furniture you are taking is the right scale for the space. Downsizing doesn’t mean getting rid of everything you own and starting again. It means making smart choices. Perhaps replacing a large dining table with one that extends will give you greater flexibility. Smaller bedside tables may be required. A large sofa may need to be replaced with a smaller version. Ensure there is flow around furniture so you can walk around it easily.

Heavy and chunky looking furniture may also make a space appear smaller, so furniture with finer arms and legs can help to create an illusion of space, and can be good choices for smaller spaces. It doesn’t mean you need to do away with all your antiques, it may mean you have less of them. They can be incorporated into modern spaces with other furniture, and create great interest.

One of the most important things when downsizing is ensuring you take items with you that mean something to you. Items you love and personal artifacts. It’s important to surround yourself with items that you resonate with, so you feel at home and comfortable in your surroundings. It’s the key to personalising your space. Adding some new scatter cushions, throws or a new rug are ways to inject a new sense of style into a space, and make for cost-effective decorating.

There’s no reason why downsizing should mean you lose your sense of style. Small does not mean un-stylish. The key is to be true to yourself and incorporate your own personal style into a space, which is why your personal items are so important as they allow you to create a space as your own.


  1. You will need to take less with you.
  2. Take personal items and things that you love as these are part of your personal story. They make a home interesting, and your own.
  3. Think about scale when it comes to furniture to ensure you it’s not too big for the space.
  4. Add your own decorating touches with new throws, scatter cushions, artwork or rugs.