It’s been trade show mania over the last couple of months. Two of the largest interior design trade shows, Denfair and Décor & Design, open their doors in the winter months. It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to see new release products, find new bespoke suppliers, and attend seminars by prominent experts, so plenty of knowledge to keep me updated for my clients. I also had the great opportunity of presenting to other Interior Designers at Décor and Design, for the second year in a row.

After attending the Scarlet Opus Trends Seminar, I want to share the Trend Predictions for 2019 and what will be coming through over the next 12 months.

What I noticed is that the trend of embracing the imperfect, using organic shapes, and items made from natural and sustainable products is still up there, and to be honest, I really don’t think it’s going to be a trend, but rather a new way of living.

So let me run share the 3 main trends for 2019;-


This trend focuses more on what we need and on pure choices as we tune into ourselves, rather than on ‘what’s hot’ (which is actually a philosophy I live by anyway, and encourage my clients to follow their heart rather than the latest trends!)

It focuses on simplicity and comfort at its core. Informal, functional and absolutely comfortable! It’s all about creating a sense of calm and having less.

Colours are focused on calm and soothing pastels and assured neutrals (think flesh tones, nude, tan, dusty rose and pale bronze). Metallics are more subtle and discreet, and not so bold.

The big comeback is going to be apricot and peachy shades
 (wow – I remember those days), beiges with a hint of pink, soft blues, and paired with black.

Colour palette, materials, and textures for creating calm, soothing environments.
Images courtesy of Scarlet Opus.)


Natural stones such as terrazzo (which is already around, but going to be even bigger, and is here to stay for quite some time), softer shades of marble, jesmonite and tinted concrete. Surfaces will be smooth and matt.

Integrating nature into spaces with indoor plants (one of my favourites of all time anyway), and creating outdoor spaces that emulate the indoors (feature and cluster pendants and outdoor rugs). The blending of indoor and outdoor becoming more seamless.


At the core of this trend is the collaboration of science and technology for environmental improvements and creating interactions with everything.

It’s where sustainability meets the digital age. Creating passive production methods for a cleaner world and life.

It’s stimulating and sensorial with curious shapes appearing from a strong biological influence. It’s about nature, technology, and biology all coming together.

This trend is fresh and vibrant, so think bright and ripe fruity shades – watermelon and flourishing greens, however, the big colour here is MINT! Bio Tech has green as its grounding colour.

Bright and fruity colours combined with texture!
Images courtesy of Scarlet Opus.)


Materials coming out from this trend are rubberised, spongey, embossed, quilted and perforated along with silicone types of surfaces (I’m thinking of an 80’s resurgence!). Pleats along with chunky ribbing (explains why tartan kilts and cord is coming back into fashion too).

Some incredible products are emerging with the integration of technology and sustainability – products made from recycled cloths and plastic bags to form a composite plastic. And the combination of wool with marble particles to create a hard and tough material like marble but with the tactile properties of wool. Amazing!


This trend is about an authentic beauty, and where we embrace the beauty of disorder (this trend is for the modern mum I think)!

It’s about adopting the handmade approach, accepting the irregularity of imperfection, and embracing damage and seeing it as adding value as it’s part of the product’s story, so it should be treasured rather than discarded. Think scars, pips, and knots all being part of the beauty of a product.

Unconventional luxury also comes to the fore here – think weathered and cracked materials becoming luxurious products as we embrace the imperfect.

Colours are earthy and natural – honey and pale gold. Again green is big here, but in natural tones.

Earthy tones, natural fibres, imperfect materials and plenty of texture!
(Image courtesy of Scarlet Opus)


Materials focus on felted wool, textured surfaces, alabaster, lava stone, basalt, clay and natural materials of wild qualities.

This trend is all about rugged appearances, raw chiselled edges on benches, brutal and beautiful in balance, pared down and comforting.

As with all trends – I’m always interested in what’s coming, what I am expecting to see come through into stores and suppliers over the coming months, but I’m still a strong believer in using items from trends that you love, and not necessarily following a trend to the letter.

It’s about having fun and incorporating the elements you love into your home.

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