Hi guys! My name’s Simone Turner and I’m a proud Independent Consultant with Arbonne International, and I’m going to touch on ageing. 

Did you know that genetic factors (many of which are hereditary) account for only 10% of the visible signs of ageing?

The rest comes from environmental factors, such as smoking, second hand smoke, alcohol consumption, poor nutritional choices, and sun exposure.

Our skin also changes at different points in life. Yet no matter what our age, we all want smooth, soft skin that looks radiant and healthy. 

So that’s why I’m such a big believer and user of the Arbonne RE9 Advanced range, which contains ingredients such as orange stem cells for skin radiance and vitamin C.

I can vouch that the products have helped improve the appearance of my skin AND minimised my fine lines and wrinkles.

Our Lifting and Contouring products also work alongside the range to lift, tone and support collagen. 

The bottom line is, healthy looking skin isn’t an accident and there are things you can always do to help. If you have any questions or would like to try our amazing anti-ageing range, please do let me know.

Simone Turner