I am often asked this question and quite honestly there isn’t any one answer. It’s not about changing lives or wanting to make a global impact. I didn’t magically stumble across a formula that was going to make me a mint. Actually, it’s about me!

You see, I have reinvented myself many times which funnily enough seems to coincide with each “birthday milestone”. My life’s work is to develop personally, to become a better me. I have always wanted MORE for myself and MORE for my family. There’s been many twists and turns along the way. I have held jobs I loved and jobs I could not wait to get out of. So, when the career that I had built and loved for 7+ years came to an end due to changes in government policy I went on a journey. It wasn’t an overseas sojourn or a sabbatical. I went on a personal journey to find my WHY

Why I chose to go into business for myself is, so I can have flexibility and freedom. More importantly, it is so I can give my best to people in a way that comes naturally and not by following the policies and procedures of corporations who have their eye firmly fixed on the bottom line. 

I work with business owners who understand for their business to reach its full potential they need support. They also understand if they are going to enjoy the ride, they cannot do it all themselves. You can see the weight lift from their shoulders when they realise, they now have the time to take their business to new and greater heights and they don’t need to sacrifice their lifestyle to achieve it.

I get to do what I love best – building others to success.