Many people, perhaps women especially, have been trained by various influences to play small.  That’s fine if that’s what you want.  If you want to run a small business that remains small or a micro business that remains micro then keep doing what you’re doing if that’s what keeps you happy.  But many people want something more from their businesses.  Many want it to fund a lifestyle in the working years and become asset to sell that funds a retirement.  If that’s you, the answer is scaling.

Trading your skills by the hour for a weekly pay cheque is what employees do.  If you’ve got big plans for your business, the first thing you’ve got to lose is that mindset.  That’s will lead to scaling your business.  Scaling your business means being able to make the sale when you’re not around.  And right now, we live in a time and place where doing this has been made extraordinarily easy by the internet.

If you provide a product or service of any kind you’re in a position to establish authority in your field, create an educational package around your offer and sell it on your website day and night.  Who doesn’t want to make money when they sleep? 

Trouble is, too many women doubt their ability to be perceived as an authority.  Here’s the thing, if you’ve got multiple happy customers then you’ve already got credibility.  That’s a reason to believe in yourself! 

To benefit from that self-belief you need to invest in yourself.  That investment commonly takes the form of education, equipment or staff.  These will enable you to generate the time and expertise to produce your educational material.

In the next blog, we’ll discuss the various ways of producing material that’s internet and entrepreneur friendly.  Three popular ways include a book, a power point presentation and a formal to-camera talk.  Each may be packaged and sold on the internet and vastly broadens the customer base you can reach when convenient for them.  That’s how you make money when you sleep.