Often once we determine we have a need the very next question is who & how. If you are pacesetter like me well you want that answer immediately! It is important to be clear about what you want from the relationship. Take the time to write out your goals, your connection needs the areas you need help with.

Check out the list we have compiled below it will get you thinking.  

1. They get you, what you do and where you’re going. More than this, they are invested in your outcome and driven to see your progress.

2. Relevant industry experience. This helps them understand the specific challenges you face and saves time and energy.

3. Connections. This is one of the most powerful qualities of an effective mentor. Connections make the business world go around so if your mentor has them your outlook appears immediately better.

4. Empathy and firmness. Understanding your ups and downs is nice but maintaining a standard is what’s going to get you where you’d rather be. Don’t seek a softie.

5. Asks the questions that make you feel a little uncomfortable. This is vital as it targets your fears. You need to get over these to develop yourself and your business.

6. Enthusiasm. Theirs should rub off onto you.

7. Respect. You must respect your mentor. This will drive you to places you’ve never been to.

8. Inspire you to become better. This may be through education, training, reading, personal development, or health. Becoming better will give you the confidence to grow and move mountains.

Working with a mentor that you TRUST is critical because holding back important information will not enable you to move forward. We recommend you follow an interview process or work with someone you trust to give you a referral. Then have a conversation to see if you can establish a rapport, to build respect for their knowledge and connections. Then it’s up to you to make the commitment to share, be open to being challenged, and do whatever it is you commit to. The outcome with a good mentor will be life-changing!

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