8 Factors when selecting a Mentor 

With International Women’s day around the corner, we are still seeing a bleak picture for women’s equality. In corporate Australia, the statistics have hardly changed in the last decade and female entrepreneurs have declined in the last year. Whilst companies now have diversity targets it seems what can really make a difference is you.

Take charge of your career & your business. Invest in yourself & seek the help you need to progress. One of the key solutions is mentoring. It’s proven that:-

  • Mentees are promoted 5 times more often than those not in mentoring programs. Further, one-quarter of employees enrolled in mentoring programs experienced a salary increase as compared to one-twentieth of workers who did not participate in mentoring. (Gartner)
  • A survey by the UPS Store found that 70 percent of small businesses that received mentoring survived more than five years – double the survival rate of non-mentored businesses.

Why? Well in a nutshell, because they have experience & connections that you don’t. That’s all well and good you say but not every mentor is right for me and you are correct! Here are 8 factors you should consider when selecting a mentor to work with.

  1. They get you, what you do and where you’re going. More than this, they are invested in your outcome and driven to see you progress.
  2. Relevant industry experience. This helps them understand the specific challenges you face and saves time and energy.
  3. Connections. This is one of the most powerful qualities of an effective mentor. Connections make the business world go around so if your mentor has them your outlook appears immediately better.
  4. Empathy and firmness. Understanding your ups and downs is nice but maintaining a standard is what’s going to get you where you’d rather be. Don’t seek a softie.
  5. Asks the questions that make you feel a little uncomfortable. This is vital as it targets your fears. You need to get over these to develop yourself and your business.
  6. Enthusiasm. Theirs should rub off onto you.
  7. Respect. You must respect your mentor. This will drive you to places you’ve never been.
  8. Inspire you to become better. This may be through education, training, reading, personal development or health. Becoming better will give you the confidence to grow and move mountains.

One final thought to consider it’s in your hands to get the tools & resources you need to be successful.  If you sit back & wait for others to step in, then you will be waiting forever.

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