Are your relationships draining the passion out of your personal life and sabotaging your performance in the workplace? If your relationships are out of balance, whether at home, in the workplace or both, passion and mutual fulfillment suffer at home and your productivity and performance suffer at work.

According to marketing statistics, the single most important word in the English language is “you” and the least important is “I.” But it is very interesting to note that when you put you and I together you create “we,” the second most important single word. Together “we” can accomplish more, enjoy life more, create a better widget, help others live a better life or bring peace to planet earth.

Relationships, it’s all about relationships. People buy products from people, not companies. People attend concerts because of the relationships they have with the performers and others in the audience. People want to speak with people to solve problems, not an impersonal electronically modulated voice on the other end of the phone.

Some relationships you choose such as friends, teammates, your spouse; some are mandatory e.g. family, workplace associates and professionals. Because humans are wired to be connected, relationships are not an option – but who you have relationships with other than the mandatory ones are a choice, your choice.

Building Mutually Satisfying Relationships

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to improve your personal relationships and re-ignite passion or your workplace relationships to improve your performance, the solutions are the same. Flip your thinking so you can get rid of the old norm and operate in the 21st Century norm.

REPLACE old thinking about the way things were when you were younger with what works in today’s society and economy. Relationships must be mutually satisfying, fulfilling and supportive. This is true in marriages and employee/employer relationships. 

RESPECT is the fundamental principle and the foundation for all successful relationships. It is the only behavior of choice for equally balanced relationships. If you make a commitment to someone, keep it – you are showing respect for the other person. IF YOU WON’T OR CAN’T, DON’T COMMIT. This is a huge problem in today’s well-intended over-committed society. The inability to keep commitments will eventually lead to resentment, anger and indifference. 

RAPPORT is created by finding ways to connect with each other and building a bond that will take you through the good and the difficult times in the future. Work at keeping the communication lines open – this is the only way to maintain balanced healthy relationships. 

RESOLVE old conflicts so they can no longer fester and infect the relationship causing it to wither and die. Then remember to keep those old conflicts buried. Do not continue to replay them in a continuous loop, attacking, accusing or demanding; instead look out for each other’s well-being. 

RESTORE the core values and beliefs your relationship was built on. Truth, commitment and loyalty are fundamental for strong business relationships. TRUST IS THE REASON WHY MOST CLIENTS STAY CONNECTED. If things aren’t working, go back to the core values of the original relationship of your business. If there weren’t any, find the ones you can use now to improve your relationships with your client now and in the future.

Pippa Hanson

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Pippa Hanson