Should men be allowed at Beauje Parties?

Over the past 12 years or more Susan and I have demonstrated our jewellery range at close to 500 homes in and around Brisbane. We have met some wonderful ladies, some interesting ladies and some fascinating ladies. But where there are women, occasionally there are also their HUSBANDS!!! Now I love my man like no other, but you know that saying ‘There is a time and a place’ that also applies to men! And jewellery parties are neither the time nor the place – in most cases!

Let me start with some positives of having a man at a jewellery party – yes there are some. Men are good at carrying heavy things for the most part, so when a man offers to carry our bags in and out, we appreciate them. Actually that is the only thing I can think of that is positive.

Now for the negative side of this one sided debate!

I will begin with some test cases.

CASE 1 – The party that started my fear of men at parties was a dear friend of mine – who shall remain nameless to retain the friendship part. When I arrived at the home John* (*name has been changed to protect the innocent) failed the only positive man thing and did not help me with the bags. STRIKE 1!

Whilst I was setting up John began vacuuming all around me – like ALL AROUND ME! Was I shedding? This was really odd behaviour. He continued vacuuming whilst the guests arrived. STRIKE 2!!

Same guy different party! Throughout the party John walked through the middle of the demonstration firstly with the dirty laundry and then with the clean laundry and stayed to fold it. STRIKE 3 – you’re out!!!

CASE 2 – I had driven from the Gold Coast to the middle of the no-man’s land (about 1½ hours) in the dark. I was feeling great about this party – lots of new faces and lovely ladies. When I arrived there were about 6 ladies – and 3 MEN! They had been drinking before I arrived so I thought ‘Beauty – these girls will be relaxed and ready to buy some jewellery!’ No help from the guys to carry in my bags! STRIKE 1!

I set up on an enormous snooker table in the man cave – it was an impressive man cave. The men decided to sit in for the demonstration at the bar and, ok they behaved themselves. So I finished my spiel and was inviting the ladies to come up to the table when out of the corner of my eye I see one of the guys turning blue.

Before I could do anything or say anything he passes out and falls face first onto the concrete floor from his bar stool – knocking himself out completely – but dislodging the pizza that he had choked on. Now this guy is bleeding profusely from the massive wound in his head.

So as I was the only one who was 1. Sober and 2. Able to do first aid, I had to take care of this man. The ambulance took over an hour to arrive and take him and half of the party away. So needless to say I made $0 and 0 bookings from that party! And not one man offered to help me to the car with my bags! STRIKE 2 – OVER and OUT!!!

So with these ‘concrete’ cases in mind I stand firm in my evidence that men are wonderful – I am by no means a man hater – but ladies would we want to go with them to a ‘Tool Party’ or a ‘Body Odour Party’?

I rest my case! Joanne

Susan Coleman