A poor credit history can be a huge burden. If medical emergencies, weddings, or house repairs come up, then it’s reassuring to know you can get a loan to help with the cost of these unexpected events.


Unfortunately, it can be a lot harder to find a loan if you have a less-than-perfect credit history. With a poor credit score, chances are you’ll either get rejected for a loan or you’ll be offered a discouraging interest rate.


The good news is that there are companies out there that will repair your credit score for a low cost. The Credit People will do a great job of repairing your credit score which will make your life easier.


If you want to know more about what The Credit People do, and how they can help you, then keep reading. You can also check out the Credit People reviews on Crediful.


  • Free phone consultation
  • Guaranteed results or your money back!
  • Flexible payments
  • Procure your credit info for you
  • Almost 20 years experience


  • $19 set up fee as well as subscription costs


To get started with The Credit People, you need to pay a $19 fee. Once this has been paid, they’ll get your credit information for you – the scores and reports. This is sure to save time and energy acquiring this yourself.


The Credit People is certainly an affordable option if you’re wanting to successfully boost your credit score without wasting hours and hours rooting through paperwork and listening to hours of hold music.


Their standard plan is $89 per month, but to save the hassle of monthly payments, there’s a flat plan you can opt for which is a total of just $379. This plan includes the $19 start-up fee, and covers all work done for 6 whole months. 


This information will be reviewed and then a personalised strategy will be made and immediately implemented. They’ll find any anomalies or mistakes on your reports from all three bureaus, and dispute them.


Not many people know that lots of things can be removed from your credit report. The Credit People will do their best to remove the following:


  • Student loans
  • Late payments
  • Bankruptcy
  • Repossessions
  • Paid collections
  • Charge-offs
  • Judgements
  • Hard inquiries


Once the ball is rolling, your credit score should start improving quite quickly, as opposed to many other credit repair companies that can take a long time to see any difference.


Most customers of The Credit People will see improvements in less than 2 months – and your score should keep growing and growing until they’ve accomplished the best possible results for you. You can cancel your services at any time – just call their convenient customer service line.


Although The Credit People offer speedy results, it’s important to remember that everybody’s situation is different. It all depends on how many negative items there are on your credit report, and how long it takes the credit bureaus to respond.


If you’re not sure you want to commit, or if you just want peace of mind before handing your money over, then you’ll be relieved to know that there’s a full 6-month money back guarantee.


The Credit People are so sure of their services, and completely guarantee your satisfaction. Because of this, their services are essentially risk-free for customers. You won’t have to pay for anything you’re not 100% satisfied with, which makes committing to a plan with The Credit People a lot easier.


There are many credit repair agencies out there that promise to repair your credit score – but not all of them deliver. The Credit People don’t claim they can work magic, but they’ll certainly try their best to achieve the best possible results.


Their money-back guarantee is reassuring too – it’s always good to have peace of mind before spending money!


Personalised strategies and immediate action is the best approach, and The Credit People’s services won’t break the bank either.


What do you think of the Credit People? Have you tried their services yet? Let us know!